Who We Are

The Giant Leap Development Accelerator Program is a content creation program designed to fine-tune screenplays and teleplays into producible projects in twelve weeks.

Development Acceleration

We invest, refine and fully package seven to ten projects over an intensive three-month biannual program with the involvement and support of industry veterans. The goal is to create an efficient development and packaging process that expedites the supply of fully developed IPs with the kind of quality that will stand out to buyers who are faced with subpar options.


Through our innovative development model, Giant Leap Media supplies the entertainment industry with vital intellectual property (IP) by empowering undiscovered APA visionaries. We will operate as an accelerator/incubator for new, APA creative voices in Hollywood; an under represented group with diverse backgrounds and unique points of view who have the potential to influence the national discourse.

Meet the Team

-- Brian Yang -- Co-Founder
Brian Yang is a producer/filmmaker/actor who spends his time working between the US and Asia. He has produced over a dozen titles ranging from feature films, series, documentaries, and shorts. Most recently, he finished producing the feature Snakehead, a New York based story about the underworld of human smuggling in Chinatown. Completed films currently in distribution include Late Life: The Chien-Ming Wang Story, a documentary about Taiwanese baseball legend Chien-Ming Wang; a biopic called My Other Home about former NBA player Stephon Marbury’s life in China; and Best Feature winner, I Can I Will I Did, at the Sunscreen Film Festival in St. Petersburg, FL. Noticeably, Mr. Yang produced LINSANITY, which premiered at Sundance in 2013 and documentary specials for both ESPN and Fox Sports. As an actor, he has appeared in 5 seasons of Hawaii 5-0 as criminologist Charlie Fong, The Path, The Blacklist, Westworld, Saving Face, and The Jade Pendant.
-- DJ Jiang -- Co-Founder
Mr. Jiang is a producer and entrepreneur. He has produced over thirty properties in short & feature films, web series, television programs, and commercial contents. He was also behind a number of startups in the field of media and technology. As a producer, he was heavily involved in the pre-production and production process of each project; which included fund raising, budgeting, contract negotiation, story development, casting, crewing and production management. He also facilitated the post-production process and arranged distribution. Noticeably, Mr. Jiang oversaw two seasons of physical production on “Whale Wars” for Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet. He has also consulted on several foreign projects in Beijing and Shanghai for China’s Metan Development Group, CCTV, Le Vision Pictures & Alibaba Pictures.