Asian/Pacific American (APA)
Development Accelerator Program
for Television Series and Feature Films

Empowering undiscovered APA writing talents with diverse voices, backgrounds and point of views
who have the potential to influence the national discourse

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Who We are.

The Giant Leap Development Accelerator Program is a content creation program designed to fine-tune screenplays and teleplays into producible projects in twelve weeks.  We pair talented Asian American voices – our Writers – with first class screenwriters and show-runners who will work with the Writers to help break story, craft characters, offer ideas, give notes, and push the Writers to produce their best work.  The Accelerator aims to generate high quality content faster and give creatives more leverage in the marketplace as well as creative control over their projects.


Who Should Apply.

Our ideal candidates are aspiring and/or undiscovered screenwriters who have unique culture backgrounds and perspectives on the Asian/Pacific-American experience.

COVID19 UPDATE: Please see the FAQs section for updated info.

  • Completed feature film script or Episode 1/Pilot script of television series
  • Script must feature APA lead and/or narratives
  • Aspiring writers who are not yet established in the industry (non writers guild members)
  • No application fees ever
Qualified Candidates Will Receive:
  • Up to $1000/week stipend
  • Assigned to a seasoned screenwriter or show-runner as mentor
  • Workshops & seminars
  • Writers room & table read
  • Creation of pitch material, sizzle reel, deck, etc.
  • Packaged by producers, talents, and/or directors.
  • Office desk space

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Application period is closed, sign up for newsletter to be notified of future opportunities

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